Here you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions from our investors

I'm a home-buyer, can I purchase a property through Elavace?

Yes – although the majority of our clients purchase as a buy-to-let investment, we do offer the ability to purchase an off-plan home for home-owners also.

Can I use an Elavace management company?

All our developments are designed to offer landlords a hands-off investment. As such, all new developments come fully managed by our lettings arm Elavace Estates. Clients do have the option to manage their own property, and our team is on hand to help with either method.

Why purchase direct from the developer?

As the main agent for Intergritas Property Group, we can offer the very best deals to our clients. Unlike third party agents selling on behalf of the developer, we allow more margin to negotiate the payment structures, offer the best prelaunch units and have the ability to resolve any challenges with the developer directly.

Is the property mortgageable?

Our residential properties can be financed through a mortgage provider. If you’re based overseas our team can advise you the best ways to setup your financial structure.

Please speak to a member of our after sales team for help with this process.

Is Elavace a UK-only company?

We are based in Manchester and only develop property in the UK. However, we do specialise in assisting overseas buyers purchase property in the UK.

I live overseas, can I purchase a UK buy-to-let?

Yes – we work with a wide variety of partners well-placed to offer advice in currency transfers, forex, mortgages and solicitors for overseas buyers.

Which services do you offer to property investors?

We’re a complete service property consultancy, with an aim to make your purchase process as simple as possible. We offer every conceivable service throughout the purchase from enquiry, to exit, to aftercare and management.

What happens if I want to purchase under a company name?

Some of our clients look to purchase as part of a company structure. If you’re looking to invest though an alternative channel, our affiliated solicitors can help you through the process.

What are the tax implications of my purchase?

The answer to this will depend purely on your personal financial circumstances. As your portfolio increase so do the taxable implications, our third party financial advisors can help indicate what you may need to pay when you enquire.

Do I have to pay any stamp duty?

Yes – there will be associated stamp duty (SDLT) with any residential property in the UK that will need to be paid on completion. Again, our third party financial advisors can help indicate what you may need to pay when you enquire.

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