Terms & Conditions

CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATION:  Communications from Elavace Limited and its partners which contain confidential and privileged information, and are therefore for the sole use of the intended recipient will always be secured to the highest standards. Use or distribution by an unintended recipient is prohibited, and may be a violation of GDPR standards. When you request further information from Elavace Limited via an inbound call, live chat request, or online form enquiry we will process and store your personal data (First Name, Surname, Telephone Number and Email Address) to enable us to contact you regarding your enquiry. If at any point you wish to stop receiving communications from Elavace Limited regarding your enquiry and relevant compatible products, you can opt out at anytime via email (enquires@elavace.co.uk) or by calling a member of our team on (+44) 0151 433 2906. All other personal data will normally be retained for the duration of the investment period outlined in solicitors’ contracts plus one year. If after this time you have not taken up any further services, we will keep only minimal personal data about products or services you have purchased from us, your preferences and consent.


All email, videos and documents produced by Elavace are intended to provide general information concerning the proposed development, construction and the management of ‘The Development’. The information provided has been prepared in good faith and to give a fair overall view of the development. Photographs and electronically generated images, furnishings and accessories featured are for illustrative purposes only.


We operate a green policy, please think before you printing any correspondence you may receive from the business that can be expressed in a digital form.


We strongly encourage all prospective purchasers to consult an FCA-authorised Independent Financial Adviser before committing to any form of investment. This is not an offer to participate in a collective investment scheme as defined in section 235 of the Financial Services and Markets Act (2000) and Investors will not have access to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Financial Ombudsman Service. Please note that Elavace Limited is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is not permitted to offer financial or investment advice to UK resident investors, whether or not the intended investments are regulated or unregulated. All information provided by us at our website or otherwise is provided on an illustrative basis. We recommend that all appropriate commercial, tax and legal enquiries and advice is taken before entering a legally binding contract.


Copyright in and to this website, our communications, documents and videos referred belong to Elavace Limited and any information requested for third party use must receive written permission before publishing.

Elavace Limited is a UK registered company. Company Reg: 12120577