Elavace Limited, 29 Seymour Street, Liverpool, L3 5PE
Company Reg: 12120577

Elavace comply with DataProtection laws in the United Kingdom and the EU - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy outlines how Elavace Limited stores your personal data.

Identity / contact data including:-

- Forenames, last name, home address, email address and telephone numbers.

Financial & transaction data:-

- Company/personal accounts and financial referencing, payments made for services you have received from us.

Marketing and related communications:-

All marketing sent from us you have interacted with through Elavace and its affiliated brands.

The data collected
Personal data is received via:-

- Your personal enquiry, which may include information relating to your employment as a form of referencing.
- Third parties for credit referencing and proof of funds
- Emergency contacts you may have provided