Bastion Point Development Update May 2024 - 17/05/2024

Greetings and welcome to the latest development update from Bastion Point, our dynamic residential project in Liverpool.

With each passing day, our vision for Bastion Point transforms into tangible reality. The completion of the steel frame, the project’s backbone, marks a significant milestone in our journey.

Expertly installed across the entire roof area, the Vapor Control Layer (VCL) provides crucial protection and sets the stage for the final roof coverings. We eagerly await the delivery of materials on May 20th, heralding the roof’s completion and another step forward.

At an impressive 90% completion, the external brickwork now lends Bastion Point a commanding presence, perfectly aligning with our initial visual renders. At IPG, we understand the importance of delivering on expectations, and Bastion Point is a true testament to this commitment.

As we add the finishing touches, our focus remains unwavering on delivering not just a building, but a lasting legacy. With all necessary sign-offs secured and thorough six-week checks completed, we stand on the brink of accomplishment.

But our journey doesn’t conclude here. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of windows and doors on May 27th, symbolizing more than mere architectural features; they represent the promise of warmth, security, and welcome within our walls.

Looking ahead, our enthusiasm is matched only by our determination to continually exceed expectations. Stay tuned for further updates as Bastion Point edges closer to completion.