Cavendish Waters Construction Update June 2023 - 22/06/23

Following last month’s update, we have now received the results from the site investigation which have indicated no hazardous materials present across the site. This has been a very important part of the project, as we need to be sure that we don’t pose any danger to both the residents that will live in the development, as well as our construction team.

As part of the planning application, we had to ensure that given the site’s close proximity to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, the correct mitigations are in place to ensure nothing harmful is able to enter Liverpool’s rivers or canals.

Now we have received the clear results, we’re able to liaise with the structural engineers to begin the site’s development strategy. The location of the river adds a little more complexity to the engineer’s planning process, so the team here are working diligently to ensure we’re fully prepared for when works to commence on site.

Over the next four weeks, we will have in place all the strategies needed to deliver this project, and everyone here can’t wait to get started on this amazing scheme.

Exciting times lay ahead for the Integritas team at this amazing example of luxury living in one of the most sought after areas of Liverpool.

This leaves us only to thank all our current and prospective stakeholders for your continued support on our prestigious portfolio of schemes across the North of England.

Watch the video update here.