Cavendish Waters Construction Update - 25/05/23

A warm welcome to all our stakeholders and potential investors to our Cavendish Waters update for May 23.

As outlined in last month’s bulletin, the deep drilling rig has completed trial hole investigations, with the results of which will become available in the next few days. Once the drilling logs have been received, this will determine the ground formation and subsequent foundation solutions for both buildings.

Whilst we await these results, our environmental engineers are carrying out gas monitoring on the site to check for contaminants present, such as methane, radon and any other hazardous ground gasses. In the unlikely event of a positive result, appropriate measures will be taken by the structural engineer to include appropriate barriers within the foundations to eliminate risk to future residents.

This is a vital stage of the design process to ensure compatibility to current legislation, and will help the team deliver the most cost-effective solution for construction. This process is also a statutory requirement to enable Building Control sign off.

The final approval will also be sought from the Canals and Rivers Trust due to the site’s close proximity to the Leeds and Liverpool canal. Reporting will be conducted to ensure the canal walls are not breached, and no contamination is caused throughout the construction process.

We are also in close dialogue with Liverpool City Council to enter into the Section 106 legal agreement, which is needed prior to commencement of works on site.

Exciting times lay ahead for the Integritas team at this amazing example of luxury living in one of the most sought after areas of Liverpool.

This leaves us only to thank all our current and prospective stakeholders for your continued support on our prestigious portfolio of schemes across the North of England.