Cavendish Waters Development Update May - 10/05/24

We’re delighted to provide you with the latest update on Cavendish Waters, our exciting development in Liverpool. The week has kicked off with great momentum as works officially commenced on site. Our dedicated team wasted no time and immediately dove into action, initiating the site scrape process.

The site scrape marks the beginning of our transformative journey, setting the stage for what promises to be a remarkable development. With precision and care, our team is meticulously clearing the site, preparing it for the next crucial phase: excavation. In the coming weeks, our focus will shift to excavating the site down to a depth of 3 meters. This phase is pivotal in laying the groundwork for the construction process, ensuring a solid foundation for the development’s future. While the excavation stage is intricate and demanding, we’re committed to delivering excellence every step of the way.

Anticipating a timeframe of 3 to 4 weeks for completion, our team is poised to tackle the challenges ahead with determination and expertise. We understand the importance of this stage in shaping the project’s success and are dedicated to executing it with precision and efficiency. Cavendish Waters completion date now stands at June 2025.

As progress continues to unfold at Cavendish Waters, we’re excited to share this journey with you. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative endeavor together.

Watch the full update here.