Central Point Development Update June 2024 - 07/06/2024

We are pleased to report that all groundworks at Central Point are on schedule and will be completed next week. This marks a significant milestone in our project timeline, ensuring that the foundational elements are solidly in place for subsequent construction phases.

All drainage systems and pop-ups have now been completed successfully. This critical infrastructure is essential for the smooth operation of the site and the eventual buildings. It was a key focus to ensure these elements were installed with precision and to the highest standards.

We’re currently waiting for the JCT and the CSA from our main contract, which in turn will need to be forwarded to our funding partner for final sign-off. As previously stated, there has been a small delay in the development due to the inclement weather the site experienced during the groundworks phase. As such, we now expect the project to be completed in Q4 2025. However, the team is committed to pulling back as much time as possible as we approach the site’s handover.

The design drawings for the windows have been issued to Broad for a comparable quote against the initial proposal. This step is crucial to ensure we are getting the best value for our investment while maintaining quality and design integrity.

In terms of M&E, we have decided to proceed with the same sanitaryware as specified for Bastion Point, utilising white units. This decision aligns with our commitment to uniformity and quality across our developments.

So as you can see from the images, the site is really taking shape. Will continue to provide regular updates as the project progresses, and would like to say thank you for your attention and continued support.

Watch the full update here.