Changes to Manchester’s Skyline 28/09/21

When city residents think about Manchester’s skyline, Deansgate Square may be the first area they think of, towering above the rest of the city. However, soon it may be areas such as Ancoats and Piccadilly.


Recent reports provided by Manchester Evening News, city architects, agents and property insides have listed three areas in which construction is at a new all-time high: Piccadilly, Ancoats, Deansgate and Salford.

One area being focused on is behind Piccadilly train station, the city’s main transportation hub for commuters and travellers. The site which sits behind the hub is set to hold hundreds of new homes, a public square, and all new public park. This will be a prime location for future residents wanting the perfect blend of transportation, city amenities and employment opportunities.

Near this area is Great Ancoats Street, which previously saw the completion of a new hotel, named Leonardo Hotel a few months ago. Around this area is where the new Castings project will be constructed, a 24-storeyblock with 350 new homes and the latest features found in all modern accommodation in a thriving city; that means an on-site gym, co-working space, and roof terrace for residents.

Changes to the city’s skyline has caused both workers and residents to chime in with opinions on why these changes may be greatly beneficial to the city in the coming years:

“The amenities are fantastic. There’s a full-size swimming pool, steam room, sauna, and a gym and sports hall. This used to be a Peugeot garage and a car park. There is basement carparking too.”

“How does this not improve the city? What was there before? We have employment now, before it was just a wasteland.”

“That was the same thing with Deansgate Square three or four years ago, now you have five buildings and it’s an awesome community.”

Just outside the city centre is Salford, which finds itself in the same situation as Manchester. With future buildings hosting 520 units and stacking to over 25 storeys tall, there will be ample room for many residents who may find the city centre outside of their comfort zone.

For residents, the construction of new accommodation is an all too positive sign that the city centre will continue to thrive. However, for developers, it conveys that construction in the area will continue to become more and more expensive.

For those stuck on where to develop their new sites, cities such as Liverpool are realising themselves as perfect opportunities. Liverpool at the moment is affordable with fantastic city amenities and finding itself at the same point as Manchester 10 years ago. This creates the perfect environment for developers to jump onto a steadily growing economy at reasonable prices. This also benefits residents, who will then find perfect city centre living with more affordable housing than counterparts in the city centre.