Copper Box construction Update - 08/06/23

A huge welcome to all our stakeholders to our Copper Box update for June 2023.

Works onsite have continued to gather pace, with the team working their way down from the top floor to ensure each space is setup correctly for the internal partitioning. The demolition team have now completed the full strip out, with only the essential electrical connections left for the installation of the building’s new systems.

Our team have also successfully completed the installation of the first phase of fire stopping, which is an essential element we must complete at this early stage so we can ensure the project is delivered to current building regulations.

In the coming weeks we expect the second phase of the fire prevention installation to commence, which will secure all the internal spaces ready for the next phase of construction.

As you can see from the images, out partitioning team have been making amazing progress, creating each of the individual room spaces. The aluminium stud work has been fitted on most of the upper floors in preparation of the first dry fixings. The installers have also included all the trunk works to enable the positioning of all the water and electrical services.

As the project reaches a point in which we require a large volume of internal materials, the offsite team are in the process of procuring an external lift system that will be erected on the exterior of the building.

For the installation of this system, we will be removing a small section of the external cladding so the lift system can be fitted to the side of the building, in line with the required onsite safety measures.

The Integritas team are fully focused on delivering this prestigious project, and we’re well on track to complete this project towards the end of 2023.

Finally, a huge thank you to all our current and prospective investors in your continued support on the delivery of our wide portfolio of products in the North of England.

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