Copper Box Construction Update - October 2023

On the fifth floor, our team has successfully installed kitchens and appliances, fitted skirting boards, and painting and decoration are well underway. Additionally, the internal doors for the top floors will be arriving on-site this week, allowing us to begin closing off rooms. Building Control has already reviewed and approved all firestopping measures.

Our passenger lift has undergone successful testing and is operational, pending the installation of the control panel, which is scheduled for later this week. Furthermore, the second fix plumbing and electrical work will commence in the coming days, with floor finishes to follow shortly.

We are also excited to share our plans for the opening of a show apartment, which will be available for viewing in the coming weeks. This will offer a first-hand glimpse of the exceptional living spaces we are creating.

The Integritas Team is thrilled to confirm that our anticipated completion date for November 2023 is proceeding as planned. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to reveal this prestigious project, which will contribute to the expansion of our portfolio of luxury living accommodations in northern England. 

As we approach the final stages of this exceptional development we would like to introduce Dave, our Commercial Assistant at Copper Box, who will be assisting with the handover process upon completion. Additionally, Russ, our Project Coordinator, will be instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition as we hand over the property to its new tenants.

Watch the video update below or click here.