Copper Box Update - March 2023 - 16/03/2023

Amazing times lay ahead at our Copper Box project, as works are due to commence in the next few weeks.

The whole nation is aware of the tragic aftermath of the Grenfell disaster in London and new legislation introduced on multi floor residential projects following a governmental enquiry.  

To this end, our in-house team have been collaborating with our chosen fire consultants, Jensen Hughes, to carry out extensive investigations on the current cladding and fire prevention systems, ensuring they meet the conformity of the required fire compartmentation outline at each floor level.

Our experts have compiled a report to confirm the external cladding conforms to all current building regulations and will not need to be removed. They are working on a design which negates working at height externally, to enable works to be carried out internally.

Working alongside our architectural partners, Snow Architects, they are to finalise details of the best way forward to ensure highest safety standards, whilst not compromising the aesthetics and finish of the end product.

The safety and quality of all our schemes will always take priority over profit in the delivery of all our multi storey projects.

Whilst these design issues are being finalised, our Commercial Team are actively working through the procurement schedule in a chronological fashion, to ensure all subcontract packages are either placed, or about to be placed in line with the current contract programme.

With the isolation of existing services, and demolition/soft strip contractors already notified to commence at the end of this month, we are delighted to announce the project will become live.

This will add to our already enviable portfolio of projects completed, currently underway or due to commence, galvanising our foot hold as the number one proactive developer in the region.

We would once again like to thank all our current and prospective stakeholders, and look forward to bringing you regular updates informing you of progress both on and off site.

Exciting times lie ahead for this outstanding project, just a stone’s throw away from one of the most popular beaches on this stretch of coastline.