Deakin's Yard - Construction Update - 18/01/24

Hello investors, Adam Ross here from Integritas Property Group and we’re back with an extremely exciting update at our latest development in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Deakin’s Yard.

Located in the town centre, Deakin’s Yard is one of our largest projects to date, and was also the final acquisition made by IPG in 2023. This building has been a labour of love for the team here, and we have again stepped in to finish another incomplete project.

Having previously fallen into administration, Deakin’s Yard represents another perfect opportunity for IPG. We have a long history of bringing projects of this nature back into life through careful planning and consideration. The building in its current form is 75% finished, with the building’s structure finalised along with a large quantity of the internal works.

Before we purchased the building, we conducted over 12 months of due diligence, ensuring that the three key essentials were in place before we completed on the project. Firstly, we needed to make sure the development finance was in place so the building could be completed on schedule. Secondly, we had to instruct a construction partner that could deliver the project on time and within budget. Finally, we need to onboard a professional lettings agent that would be able to manage the more than 200+ new apartments.

With everything in place, the building is now back up and running, with internal clean out and setup well underway. As you can see from the images, the building’s internals are mostly complete, with partitioning, electrical and water works in their final phases. The building’s external finishes are mostly complete with a large number of windows and sections of insulation already completed.

And finally, we now have a large team onsite to help the final delivery of internal fix out, with kitchens and bathrooms planned for final installation shortly.

So as you can see, this truly is an incredible project that will see a fast turn around inline with the September student intake. Keep an eye out for next months update as work gathers pace, and as always, can I say thank you to all out investors and suppliers who contribute so much to help us deliver these market leading developments.