Herculaneum Quay 10/11/21

Take a tour with our sales director Mitch, who talks us through the the first construction update of 2020 on the luxurious waterfront development, Herculaneum Quay that is just 12 weeks away from completion.

External Progress:

  • Glass is all now installed
  • External cladding completed
  • The external rendering is nearing completion
  • The curtain walling is on the pool area and gym area
  • Entrance door system is currently being manufactured - This is due to be in the end of the month

Internal Progress:

  • All residential plaster boarding and skimming has now been complete
  • The second fix joinery continues throughout the development
  • Engineered timbered flooring is almost complete throughout the development
  • Internal decorators are working their way up after handing over the first 2 floors
  • Lifts are fully functional, pending further commissioning
  • Internal electrics are almost at the top of the building
  • Second fix mechanical programme due to be finished in the next couple of weeks

Keep a look out for our next construction next week.