Housing delivery increased by 55% in Manchester 30/11/21

Housing associations combined with ALMOs (Arms Length Management Organisations) have increased their housing deliveries of new builds by 55% in Greater Manchester.


Manchester is seeing a shortened delivery time of homes as some housing associations and ALMOs have taken it onto themselves to provide a large number of new builds throughout the city.

Current recorded figures have showcased that Greater Manchester Housing Providers (GMHP), which currently employ 24 members, delivered 2,362 new build homes during the financial year to March 2022. This is an increase of 840 on the previous year, which amounted to 1,522 delivered homes.

On top of this, a further 1,947 new homes were started onsite in 2021-22, equalling to an investment of over £33 million in new build housing in the area.

The breakdown of the new builds showcases that 60% of the new homes completed in 2021-22 were for social and affordable rent, with investment also being made in developing new homes for people with support needs and homes for low-cost homeownership, such as shared ownership.

GMHP has furthered this housing revolution by promising to develop 18,000 new homes in Manchester City Region over the next five years. This would equal to jointly investing in £2.5 billion, of which have will be for social or affordable rent.

The company is interested in tackling current development challenges such as supply chain issues, the cost of living and inflation.

Mathew Harrison, Chief Executive of Great Places Housing Group, commented, “But as a partnership, GMHP is rightly proud of our collective impact, delivering approximately one-third of all new homes developed in the city region annually, and increasing housing choice in communities across Greater Manchester…”

Hopefully with companies focusing on these economic impacts, Manchester can continue to receive affordable housing and provide for residents that may find the current climate difficult.

In response to GMHP, Andrew Wester, Portfolio Lead for clean air, regeneration, and housing at Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), believes that this is an important next step in continuing Manchester’s legacy as a safe place, and one with affordable housing: “This is a really positive announcement from GMHP, and represents an important contribution to addressing the serious crisis of housing and affordability that we face in Greater Manchester… The scale and urgency of that crisis is only growing, but the answer has long been clear: delivering more homes in the right places…”