Lyceum Construction Update - Feb - 02/02/2024

Hello investors! It is with great excitement that I welcome you to the first update at our amazing Manchester project, The Lyceum. As you can see from the pictures below, works onsite have really kicked into gear at the start of 2024.

Ground works on the project are now almost complete as we prepare to install the steel frame. Arriving last month, the steel frame will facilitate a speedy formation of the building’s footprint. Most of the bolt boxes, which hold the grounding of each section have now been placed in the specified positions. The first fixings of the frame will commence on Monday the 5th of Feb, with the team already laying out much of the structure in line with the engineer’s requirements.

The sheer walls have now also start to be constructed, which form the shape of the ground floor of the building. These walls will be dotted around the edges of the site, forming the guides for the steel beams to be inserted through. Once this process is complete, we can then pour concrete into the required positions, forming a ridged transfer deck for the building to grow.

This transfer deck will then stand as the basis of the steel frame, with the structure then rising to meet with the top of the existing façade. The steel then wraps to the side of the existing façade, which will then form the new section of the building as defined in the project CGIs.

As a developer that promotes both transparency and integrity, it is extremely important that we touch on the new construction schedule. As you my know, we have experienced a few delays on this project due to some issues with the drawdown of project funds. This has now been rectified, and the drawdown has taken place, helping to accelerate works onsite. We’re now on schedule to complete this project in Q4 of this year, and the whole team would like to thank you for your patience and ongoing support throughout this process.

So, an exciting year ahead here at The Lyceum. From all of us here, we sincerely look forward to bringing you the next update in March.

Watch the update here.