Lyceum Construction Update - 10/08/2023

Welcome to all our existing and new stakeholders to our August update on our prestigious restoration project in Salford – The Lyceum.

As those of you in the UK, or watching the UK forecast will have noticed, we have had the wettest July since records began. This has hampered works on site slightly, however, we have continued tirelessly to dig, pour and form the pad foundations, ready for the structural steel erection to commence.

As we await the first delivery of steel due this month, our commercial teams off-site have been working on the final packages to be placed, with over 80% now ordered. This helps to ensure cost control throughout the remainder of the scheme for all those involved.

We are excited to share that we will be sending a member of the team representing IPG out to China later this month to visit the window manufacturers’ facility to monitor the quality and progress of our aluminium windows and door order. As a measure of our commitment to restoring this project, this  next step will aim to ensure a smooth delivery of these features.

Exciting times lay ahead as we witness the Lyceum beginning to rise from the ground, forming an iconic statement on the Salford skyline once again.

Watch this space for our September update, where you will see the building begin to take shape from the first-floor upwards. A huge thank you once again to all our current and prospective investors for all your continued support

Watch the video update below or click here.