Lyceum Construction Update - 14/07/22

We’re pleased to announce that work onsite at the Lyceum has commenced. Abrey Construction who successfully completed our student accommodation scheme in Bradford, have been awarded the contract and are now on site.

Following a successful meeting with Salford Council Highways Department, we will work under licence to form a lane closure to Mather Road with all appropriate traffic management in place. This will enable the erection of façade retention scaffolding to both remaining elevations.

Temporary welfare facilities for site staff are in place, and the services of a full time out of hours security guard have been deployed.

Following the HSE notification process the asbestos removal has commenced. This will allow site staff and consultants safe access to the building to further examine the condition of the remaining facades, and determine remedial structural repairs required.

This is carried out by a licenced removal contractor who have their own decontamination unit on site for these works to be carried out safely, which is anticipated to take two weeks.

Once safe occupation certificate is received, the coming weeks will see the façade retention / access scaffold erected. Once in position, the demolition works will then commence to the rear of the building.

Following removal of inert demolition waste the drainage and groundworks team will be on site to commence, prior to the structural steel contractor hitting site.

Off site during this period, our design consultants are proactively fine tuning the design to ensure quality, economy and conformity to current legislation.

There will now be regular updates and images, capturing the re-birth of this iconic building as it becomes a three-dimensional form sitting among the Manchester skyline.