Lyceum Construction Update June 2023 - 15/06/23

Welcome to all our existing and new stakeholders to our June update for our fantastic restoration project in Salford – The Lyceum.

Works onsite have been gathering pace, as we prepare both the existing façade, and the cleared site for the arrival of the steel frame.

To ensure that the installation can be completed in line with the architects’ designs, a few large ground sections of the inner wall of the façade have been opened so we can proceed with a mass pour of concrete.

These pad foundations are critical to not only ensure the accuracy of the frame’s installation, but will give additional support to the listed sections of the building.

As we continue to work closely with English Heritage, we need to ensure that no risks are taken that will endanger the retention of the listed façade, which again will be achieved by these large concrete pours.

The team onsite have also recovered a large number of bricks from the demolition works that were used in the original construction of the building over 100 years ago. These have started to be cleaned and repaired so they can be returned to the building as we form outer walls around the completed steel structure.

The steel frame is due to arrive onsite in July, and the team here have started to clear space for its assembly and erection once the final necessary ground works are completed.

Watch this space for our July update, when you will see a large volume of onsite works begin in line with the project’s schedule.

A huge thank you once again to all our current and prospective investors for your continued support.

Watch the video update here.