Lyceum Construction Update - October 2023

Furthermore, we have placed orders for windows from our trusted supplier in China, setting the stage for an accelerated pace of progress in the upcoming months. Our ambitious target is to culminate this project by June 2024.

On the construction site, our dedicated team remains unwaveringly committed to upholding our stringent quality assurance procedures. They are meticulously ensuring that all pad foundations are primed to receive the steel components, guaranteeing a seamless integration upon their arrival. Additionally, they are diligently establishing a secure laydown area to ensure the safe placement of these steel elements.

Given the constraints of our compact site, this meticulous planning is paramount to deploying safe working practices, in alignment with our site's comprehensive traffic management and logistics plan.

In closing, the entire Integritas team extends its heartfelt gratitude to both our current and prospective investors. Your steadfast support is invaluable, not only for this project but also for our esteemed portfolio of ventures across the northern region of England.

Watch the video update below or click here.