Lyceum Development Update - March 2024 - 08/03/2024

The Lyceum continues to make remarkable strides as we progress through March. Each day brings dynamic advancements, further solidifying its position as a cornerstone of architectural excellence in Manchester.

The groundwork phase is now 90% complete, marking a significant milestone in our construction journey. Phase One steel continues to be prepared as we begin to see the formation points appear across the site.

Simultaneously, façade retention works have commenced, demonstrating our commitment to preserving The Lyceum’s historic charm while embracing modern construction techniques. This delicate balance ensures a seamless blend of heritage and innovation. Once we see the listed windows installed, the building will return to its historical state.

The concrete columns are now protruding across the site, with the connecting walls being poured in line with the project specifications. These sections will form the basis for the original section of the building to connect to the modern section of the development.

Looking ahead, Phase two steel is set to commence on 25th of March, representing another significant step forward in our project timeline.

In summary, the March update from The Lyceum highlights a series of achievements and milestones that bring us closer to achieving our vision. Keep an eye out for our next update in April, where we expect to see the building’s frame come to life.

Watch the update here.