The Top 4 Postcodes in Liverpool for Buy-to-Let Investments - 16/06/2023

Liverpool has established itself as an attractive destination for buy-to-let investors, offering a thriving economy, rich cultural heritage, and a vibrant lifestyle. Among the various postcodes in the city, four in particular stand out including, L1, L3, L5, and L22, as promising areas for buy-to-let investments. Let’s explore the unique advantages and investment potential of these postcodes, considering factors such as rental demand, property prices, and future developments together.

L1 - Liverpool City Centre

Postcode L1, encompassing Liverpool city centre, remains atop choice for buy-to-let investors. This area boasts a wide range of properties, including luxury apartments and stylish flats.

The city centre is home to a thriving business district, world-class shopping destinations likeLiverpool ONE, and iconic waterfront attractions. The rental demand is consistently high due to the city's vibrant lifestyle and a large student population from prestigious universities and colleges. L1 presents excellent opportunities for both short-term rentals and long-term tenancies with an average rental yield of 6.5% and above.

L3 - Baltic Triangle and Waterfront

Postcode L3 covers the Baltic Triangle, a formerly industrial area transformed into a creative hub, and the waterfront district.

The Baltic Triangle attracts artists, entrepreneurs, and young professionals with its vibrant atmosphere, tech start-ups, galleries, bars, and music venues. The scenic waterfront, including Albert Dock andPrinces Dock, adds to the appeal. Investing in L3 offers the potential for high rental yields and substantial capital growth, as ongoing regeneration projects like Liverpool Waters continue to enhance the area's value with average asking prices in the area of around £172 thousand.

L5 - Anfield and Everton

Postcode L5 encompasses the areas of Anfield and Everton, which have gained significant attention from buy-to-let investors. These neighbourhoods benefit from their proximity to Liverpool Football Club's Anfield Stadium and Everton Football Club's Goodison Park, attracting football fans and generating rental demand.

The ongoing redevelopment of Anfield, including the expansion of the stadium and the creation of new residential properties, adds to the area's investment potential. L5 offers a mix of affordable properties, making it suitable for investors seeking more budget-friendly options with a satisfying average rental yield of 6.7%.  

L22 - Waterloo and Crosby

Postcode L22 covers the residential areas of Waterloo andCrosby, which provide a quieter suburban lifestyle. These neighbourhoods offer a mix of property types, including terraced houses and apartments.

L22 is renowned for its proximity to Crosby Beach, famous for Antony Gormley's art installation "Another Place," which draws tourists and locals alike. The area benefits from good transport links and a range of local amenities, making it attractive to families and professionals seeking a relaxed living environment. Rental demand remains steady in L22, presenting opportunities for long-term tenancies with rental yield returns of 4% and above.

Considering the benefits each postcode has to offer based on the demographic of tenants you want to attract, Liverpool hosts an array of stable regeneration among a historical background. By conducting thorough research, it’s always best to seek professional advice to make the most informed decision before tapping into the city's dynamic property market.

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