What factors affecting UK property investment this year? - 08/03/2024

There is a lot to consider when investing in the UK property market. With the industry as a whole showing real signs of stability earlier in 2024, the market effects from covid may well be behind us.

Market Financial Solutions noted an overall bullish sentiment, but worries about the UK's late 2023 recession still kept 56% of respondents up at night.

On the brighter side, 54% are crossing their fingers for interest rate reductions this year, hoping for a boost in the property market. Plus, 38% believe managing UK property investments in 2024 will be smoother than a greased-up slide.

Recent data from Moneyfactscompare revealed buy-to-let mortgage rates hitting rock bottom since mid-2022. Though the mortgage market has been as unpredictable as British weather lately, many landlords have spotted rates moving in their favor.

When it comes to what drives investment decisions, 57% of respondents are like treasure hunters hunting for macroeconomic indicators—interest rates, inflation, you name it. Positive moves here could set the housing market on fire!

And guess what? 51% of those diving into the UK property pool keep a close eye on market trends, while the same percentage geek out over forecasts like house prices and rents when tweaking their property portfolios.