Has Liverpool Benefited from Everton FC’s New Stadium 09/09/22

The highly anticipated approval of Everton FC’s new stadium has finally arrived! Based at Bramley Moore Dock, the new stadium is earmarked to be the catalyst for huge changes at both Everton FC and its home city of Liverpool. This exciting news has been welcomed by Liverpudlians, local politicians and business leaders who have all joined arms in overwhelming favour of this regeneration project.

How much will Everton FC’s new stadium boost Liverpool’s economy?

Everton FC’s new stadium plans symbolise a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the one-in-a-million city of Liverpool. That’s according to directors at Peel L&P, the group that has spearheaded the Liverpool Waters regeneration where this brick, steel and glass structure will host the blues. Recent projections have cemented the confidence behind this major new stadium by displaying a sky lining upward trajectory in economic growth, and helping to drive interest in Liverpool property investment in the buy-to-let market.. Specifically in the region of the north docks area of the city which is precisely where Elavace’s Queens Residence development is located!

Heralded a “game changer” for the city of Liverpool, CBRE have crunched the all-important numbers and estimate a mouth-watering £1.3bn boost to the local economy. In fact, Everton’s new home at Bramley Moore Dock will contribute more than £900m to the region’s economy and that’s before construction has even been completed! Laying the turf of this landmark structure will see to the creation of well over 15,000 jobs for local Liverpudlians.

That’s in addition to more than an estimated £255m set to be added to the local scoresheet through supply chains and other service costs during its construction phase. And once the final whistle is blown, the stadium will continue to boost the local economy by a towering £94m through hotel occupancy, retail and tourism every single year!

The 52,888-capacity stadium will headline a monumental regeneration scheme which translates to be one of the largest transformations Liverpool has ever seen. Especially given that Bramley Moore Dock is positioned between the Peel Land and Property Liverpool Waters development – a £5.5bn regeneration scheme stretching right across Liverpool’s North Docks.

Compounding five neighbourhoods, plans for the site are wholly focused on boosting the levels of tourism washing ashore on the city’s Northern docklands. In order to achieve this, the regeneration of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site also includes new river terminals, a new cruise liner facility for the city and a further Isle of Man ferry terminal.

What does Everton FC’s new stadium mean for property investors?

Opportunities galore for property investors on the market for properties based in the ever-growing investment hub that is Liverpool. Ian Pollitt, assistant project director at Liverpool Waters, attests: “The proposed stadium relocation has already helped raise the profile of Liverpool Waters both nationally and internationally and we’re enjoying talking to new and existing investors who see the benefit of creating new opportunities as part of the wider scheme.

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